1.What is NPP?
NPP is National Panchayat Portal, it is one of the modules of Panchayat Enterprise Suite (PES) being developed under e-panchayat Mission Mode Project (MMP). NPP site aims to provide the unique web identity and presence to each PRI in the country. This generates dynamic portals for all district panchayats, intermediate panchayats, village panchayats in the country as well as State PR departments and MoPR site.

2. What is web Portal?
A website that facilitates convergence of information from diverse sources in a uniform way is known as Portal.
Portal is basically a collection of various Portlets – a dedicated area on the page for displaying information depending on its configuration.

3. What is portlet?
A portlet is a component of a portal page that provides access to the specific type or nature of content according to the rule set for the Portlet by the Site Administrator. For example content related news updates or any latest information about the panchayat will get displayed in ‘Notice Board' Portlet.

4. What is Metadata?
In NPP the term ‘metadata' is mainly used while creating/organising the contents. Here metadata means a set of data that describes and gives information about the content to be created/ content to be displayed.
For example a portlet could be configured to display all contents having metadata "Tender". If you want to publish any content inside this portlet, you have to define the metadata of that content as "Tender". There could be multiple metadata associated with a content/portlet.

5. What is Tag?
Tag is a label attached to ‘Web Content' for identification. It is derived from practice. Tag is similar to metadata; the difference is that while metadata is predefined, tags are defined by the user. This also provides an option to the user to suggest the metadata list to the system administrator. Tags help organize information on your portal and make it easier to find the content they're looking for through search.

6. What is Workspace?
Workspace is the space allocated for each user which stores the users view of contents.

7. What is the difference between the ‘Create Web Content' options available inside the portlet and outside the portlet?
Contents are getting populated inside the portlets based on the Metadata defined for the content. If the content is created using the ‘Create Web Content' option available inside a particular portlet, the metadata definition of that portlet will be automatically populated in the create web content form. The ‘Create Web Content' option available on the doc bar will not populate any metadata automatically, instead the user has to specify the metadata for the content to be created. Based on the metadata definition, the content will be populated in the appropriate portlet.

8. How to edit an already published content item?
Editor will be able to edit an already published content item. Once editor logs in, he/she can click on Edit link available next to published content item which needs to be edited. The content will then move to the Editor workspace from where it then needs to be forwarded to Publisher for publishing.

9. How to Archive the content Item?
Publisher will be able to Archive the content items. Once publisher logs in, he/she can click on Archive button available against the Published content item to archive the content item.

10. How to Restore the content Item?
Publisher will be able to Restore the already archived content items. Once publisher logs in, he/she can click on Restore button available against the archived content item to archive the content item. The Archived content items will be displayed inside the WebArchiveContent portlet.

11. What is the purpose of Archiving a content?
Archiving a content will allow publisher to temporarily take off the contents from their live websites from their published location. The archived content will then be available only inside the Archive Folder. Archiving gives facility to take off the content for some time and restore it back on site later, or delete it permanently if not required.

12. Can I publish one content item in more than one portlet?
Yes, you can publish the content items in more than portlet.

13. How can we publish a content item in more than one portlet or more than one place?
You can provide multiple metadata values while creating the content item, to publish the content items in multiple portlet. The content will get published in all those portlets whose configuration matches with metadata values chosen in the web content form.

14. Does the publisher have the privileges to edit an already published content?
Once the content is published on the website, user with editor role will be able to edit it. And once the content is edited it needs to be approved by Publisher for publishing on the site.

15. Is there any provision to add new pages or portlets in our NPP sites?
All state-wide NPP sites are created based on certain site template consisting of specific set of pages and portlets, which gives all state-wide NPP sites a uniform look and feel. However in case, any panchayat wants some specific page or portlet added to their site, panchayat official can write to their State PR Unit about their specific requirement.

16. Where we can contact for NPP related issues/queries?
You can mail at npp-epri@googlegroups.com for any NPP related issues/queries.

17. How can we activate the National Panchayat Portal for our panchayats?

Portal for Panchayat have already been created, you just need to raise your activation request to State NIC unit. You can also mark the Activation mail at npp-epri@googlegroups.com